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Hello and welcome to our new for 2022, Subscribe to "your Monthly favourites" page!

Here at LFK we know that life is busy and we want to make life easier for you!

As you may know We've had our meat club running for a few years now and "your monthly favourites" has a similar vibe to it.


we are bringing you the chance to subscribe to your favourites on a four week monthly delivery or for regular collection from our pop up shop.

So whether it be our banging bangers or luscious lamb that tickles your taste buds all you have to do is sign up to your favourites below and then let us take care of the rest.

Safe in the knowledge that once a month you will receive an order of local and highly nutritious meat!

You can of course add one off orders throughout the year for all of our other products in addition to receiving your favourites box.



Thank you! 

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