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Ledmacoy Whole Turkeys are reared free range in the hills of Donside.


They are reared to the higest of standards by the Team at Ledmacoy with freedom given to roam in a large area alongwith their environment enriched with perches so they can freely express their natural behaviour.


The farm take pride in rearing their turkey's to the highest of standards and are Golden Turkey Quality Assured Farmers which means they are independently inspected giving you the guarantee that this is not just any turkey, this is the ultimate christmas turkey that has been farmed to the highest of standards for welfare and environmental responsiblity resulting in a high quality great tasting bird. 


The turkey's are dry plucked and game hung for a minimum of 10 days to allow the meat to relax and tenderise while enhancing the natural flavour of the birds.


Ledmacoy Whole turkey's are oven ready, presented in a box and wrapped in greaseproof paper. Sealed with a Ledmacoy Turkey's Emblem.


Also included in the box are the giblets, cooking intructions, a pop up timer and a posy of rosemary.


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Free Range Whole Turkey

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