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Would you like to recieve a whole chicken every month from June through to November?


Then sign up here today!


We are planning our chicken production plans for 2024 and we would encourage as many of you to sign up as soon as possible so we know how many chickens to rear this coming season.


We only produce the whole chickens seasonally during the warmer months of the year.


The birds are reared in our brooder unit until they reach around 3 to 4 weeks of age then they are transferred into our chicken tractors out on the pasture.


Our chicken tractors are moved daily providing the birds with fresh pasture to forage and roam in whilst also keeping them safe and protected from numerous predators that  also inhabit our farmland. 


The birds are reared to a minimum of 8 weeks of age.


The are then processed on farm by us, dry plucked and game hung for minimum of 3 days resulting in a quality bird for the table.


We are aiming to produce a 2.5kg bird we are still learning alot about rearing the birds and there are so many different factors such as the weather being a big one


And if it's fine days the birds really thrive but as the days draw shorter they are using more of the feed to keep warm and are growing slower.


So there will be variation in the sizes of the birds throughout the season.


We buy in the chickens as day old chicks and we can only recieve a batch every 4-6 weeks so we will unfortunately be unable to provide fresh birds every week but if you can let us know if you prefer fresh we will try to accomodate this as best we can.


If you are happy to recieve a frozen bird on the weeks we are not producing fresh ones then that is brilliant. 


Please note we may have chickens available for general sale too during these months but these may be limited in number and due to demand from our chicken crew and as a small producer we cannot guarantee.


Prices are a guide price per size of bird, we will invoice each chicken individually at a per £10.50/kg. 


We are going to take a £25 deposit from each person that signs up to Chicken Crew and once we have recieved your order we shall be in touch to confirm everything with you. 

2024 Chicken Crew

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